Sardarji Malai Chaap Wale


Amar Colony is a place to explore good and pocket friendly food for foodies. In the same lane as hunger strike and tundey kababi,  Another joint is found jam packed with people wanting to try thier amazing varieties of soya chaap. The shop’s USP lies in bringing to people, the best variants soya chaaps in pure desi ghee and butter like in Punjab.

Looking at their menu we saw some interesting names given to thier dishes. We called for ‘Bunty  Bubli’ from ‘Bhatti ka nazaara(snacks)’ section of the menu and  a Paneer Shawarma roll. These perfectly roasted spicy chaps are tossed in a cream-yoghurt based malai gravy, which when dipped in the slightly pungent mint chutney (served alongside); gives a blast of tastes that is impossible to replicate. Spicy, creamy and tangy, Bunty Bubli chaps truly manages to surpass the flavours.

The Paneer Shawarma roll doesn’t disappoint either. The roti is soft and thin, just as it is supposed to be. The paneer chunks are moderately-spicy, fine, soft and delectable. And it goes well with the complimentary chutney and mayonnaise.

Price for two-350 Rupees

LOCATION:  C-28, Amar Colony Market, Lajpat Nagar-4, New Delhi-24


Babu Shahi Bawarchi

Looking something to satisfy your taste buds? Babu Shahi Bawarchi is the place. Located near Purana Qila, this joint serves lucknawi delights and have very limited menu. They have Biryani (Chicken and Mutton), Chicken korma and galouti kababs along with roomali roti on thier menu.

We tried every item on thier menu, and everything was so delicious that even when our stomach’s were full we couldn’t stop. We had their chicken biryani (70rs per plate) which had perfect blend of flavors and right amount of spice.

Their chicken korma (60rs per plate) was a curry dish served with roomali roti and is a treat for your taste buds. The galouti kababs (20rs per piece) were also juicy and lip smacking. Any indian meal is incomplete without onion and chutney, so how could this place miss that. All the items were served with tangy mint chutney and onions to complete your palate.

Location- 5, Darga Makta Peer, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Cost for two- 200 rupees




Emerging trend of variations in momos like chilli, tandoori, etc has somewhere left the original taste of steamed momos behind. But Dolma Aunty momos helps you to relish that good old taste of steamed momos with spicy chutney.

These delightful flour dumplings are an absolute delight. We called for a plate of chicken momos and veg momos, and within gobbling our second dumpling, we already called for a repeat. Served hot, they  are not only big in size, but also generous stuffing with a thin layer of flour. The chicken filling is worth a special mention here, for getting the perfect blend of flavors.

A Must try.

Location- Lajpat Nagar Market

Cost for two- 80 rupees


Prabhu Chaat bhandar


Also popular by the name of UPSC chaat. For over 85 Years, Prabhu Chat Bhandaar has appeased the taste buds of customers, with its mouth relishing combination of yoghurt, masala, and chutney. This place is so crowded and people were coming in their cars from various parts of delhi just to eat their chaat. They have 5-6 items on their menu and all looked tempting.

I tried their bharwa gol gappa and papdi chaat. First to come was, Bharwa gol gappa which were 6-8 pieces of gol gappas stuffed with chickpea, patato, tons of masala and yoghurt, they garnish the dish with a generous spread of youghurt, chutney and masala.

Then came papdi chaat which was also lip smacking and lots of papdi. The person who was making the chaat were not even counting the papri which usually happens in most places, he just picked a fist full of papri’s which were alot and topped it with chutney’s, masala and curd.

If you call yourself a chaat lover, don’t deprive yourself of these lip-smacking wonders, and head to Prabhu chat bhandar, on UPSC Lane soon.

Location/Landmark: Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, Near UPSC Office, Khan Market, New Delhi

Cost for two: 100-120 rupees.


Vada Pav Wale


Delighting the Delhi taste buds, with this mumbiyya relish, are Vada Pav wale, South Extension Part 1. Mumbai street food ki shaan “Vada Pav”, a Pav bun, stuffed with an ‘Vada/aloo bondda’, served with chutney and a green chilly. This place surely doesn’t disappoint u. The vadas are served are hot and fresh and blends so well with the spongy pav and the chutney is the star player which blends all the flavors together. A perfect evening snack. He also sells samosas, but his Vada pav take the central seat of attraction clearly.

Location: South Extension Market 1, Next to Mc Donalds.

Cost For Two: 50-60 rupees.

Lucknow wale Tunday Kababi


Walking past hunger strike (Amar Colony), after eating their delicious chicken tandoori momos, a friend of mine saw this joint adjacent to hunger strike ” Tundey Kababi” and were serving lucknawi delights. They had many items on the menu like biryani, tikka’s, rolls. Apart from biryani lucknow is famous for their kababs.

So we decided to order Galouti kabab. A plate of Tunday kababs costs 150 rupees (four pieces), and with Parantha’s 200 rupees. The tender Galouti kababs most instantly melts in your mouth, just as it should and served with onion and chutney and hot parathas which were not oily and completes your palate.

Location: Amar Colony Market. Lajpat Nagar 4

Cost for 2: 400 Rupees

Tony’s Pizza and Pasta Noodle and bowl

Craving for a yummy quick snack? Tony’s Pizza and Pasta Noodle and bowl will end your craving with their amazing Chilli potato and pasta. Like every other college tony’s is a favourite spot for LSR girls to eat good food without burning their pockets. Chilli potatoes were crispy and had the right amount of spice. Pasta was not a disappointment either, it had plenty of white sauce and veges. The portions are generous with no compromise on tatse. Head over to Tony’s Pizza and Pasta Noodle and bowl for your anytime hunger.

Cost for two: 250

Location : Shop No 1B, Guru Nanak Market, Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi, Delhi 110024