Sardarji Malai Chaap Wale


Amar Colony is a place to explore good and pocket friendly food for foodies. In the same lane as hunger strike and tundey kababi,  Another joint is found jam packed with people wanting to try thier amazing varieties of soya chaap. The shop’s USP lies in bringing to people, the best variants soya chaaps in pure desi ghee and butter like in Punjab.

Looking at their menu we saw some interesting names given to thier dishes. We called for ‘Bunty  Bubli’ from ‘Bhatti ka nazaara(snacks)’ section of the menu and  a Paneer Shawarma roll. These perfectly roasted spicy chaps are tossed in a cream-yoghurt based malai gravy, which when dipped in the slightly pungent mint chutney (served alongside); gives a blast of tastes that is impossible to replicate. Spicy, creamy and tangy, Bunty Bubli chaps truly manages to surpass the flavours.

The Paneer Shawarma roll doesn’t disappoint either. The roti is soft and thin, just as it is supposed to be. The paneer chunks are moderately-spicy, fine, soft and delectable. And it goes well with the complimentary chutney and mayonnaise.

Price for two-350 Rupees

LOCATION:  C-28, Amar Colony Market, Lajpat Nagar-4, New Delhi-24


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