Prabhu Chaat bhandar


Also popular by the name of UPSC chaat. For over 85 Years, Prabhu Chat Bhandaar has appeased the taste buds of customers, with its mouth relishing combination of yoghurt, masala, and chutney. This place is so crowded and people were coming in their cars from various parts of delhi just to eat their chaat. They have 5-6 items on their menu and all looked tempting.

I tried their bharwa gol gappa and papdi chaat. First to come was, Bharwa gol gappa which were 6-8 pieces of gol gappas stuffed with chickpea, patato, tons of masala and yoghurt, they garnish the dish with a generous spread of youghurt, chutney and masala.

Then came papdi chaat which was also lip smacking and lots of papdi. The person who was making the chaat were not even counting the papri which usually happens in most places, he just picked a fist full of papri’s which were alot and topped it with chutney’s, masala and curd.

If you call yourself a chaat lover, don’t deprive yourself of these lip-smacking wonders, and head to Prabhu chat bhandar, on UPSC Lane soon.

Location/Landmark: Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, Near UPSC Office, Khan Market, New Delhi

Cost for two: 100-120 rupees.



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